Friday, September 18, 2015

Writing with Four Legs: Doing Business

Author's Note: Today I have a guest blogger. Dakota is my 2-year-old yellow lab. She was a 2014 April Fool's joke that quickly turned into a foster situation. Her peaceful, honey-colored eyes and sweet, quiet temperament ultimately won us over and she became a permanent member of the Nahrstadt family.

Occasionally she'll have thoughts to share. Here's her second post...from under the Blue Table. Click here to read her first.

This stick will provide hours of good chewing.

I do business with Jenn every day. I like to eat first thing in the morning. Then, Jenn puts on my leash and we head out for a walk. About halfway through our walk I do my business. I’m very good at it. Jenn always says, “Gooooood business, Dakota. Gooooood business.” 

Sometimes though, I get so wound up in all the smells and sticks and other neighbor dogs that I forget I'm supposed to be doing business. Jenn will gently remind me, “Dakota, do business.”  I’m grateful for the reminder because sometimes I’m home alone for a few hours after our walk. I know that doing business in the house is risky business. 

The other day, I had no business to do on our walk. It was a little chilly, and way too early in the morning. Bob walked me later the same morning, but again--no business. Bob made sure to tell Jenn. Bob is very serious about business. He owns his own business and listens to a business talk show in the car every morning. 

Sometimes I don’t do business, not because I'm distracted, but because I’m just not ready.  Lucky for me, I have two amazing people who are committed to the success of my business and take full responsibility for helping me. They walk beside me, encourage me, and cheer me on when I do my business well. Jenn doesn’t gets angry if business is slow; she simply lets Bob know that I’ll need to go “walking” again later...but I what I really think she means is “business.” 

Am I the only one with such good business partners?

Writing with four legs,


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