Thursday, January 21, 2016

The Harbingers

photo by Tim Street
I heard them before I saw them. Cheep-cheep. Cheep-cheep. Cheep-cheep. As Dakota and I rounded the cul-de-sac sidewalk, we came upon, by my quick count in the fading light, at least a dozen robins. Then, not a minute later, another flock burst forth from their large bush of a hiding place.

After living 15 years next door to the Sytsmas, I've come to view robin sightings in winter as a harbinger. There, against the Illinois snow, they were a harbinger of spring. Whenever one was spotted, ice cream was dessert after dinner, a promise of being warm again.

So today, I couldn't help but see those birds as a harbinger of a different kind. A harbinger of change.

I will work my final shift at Starbucks on Thursday, Jan. 28. Eight years and four months of, "What can I get started for you?" and "How can I serve you?"

I'll share more about the end and what I know about what's coming next week.


  1. That was a teaser for sure...I for one can't wait! I too saw my first robin of the year in our holly tree yesterday and we are bracing for "Snowmageddon 2016"

  2. Your friendly face and wonderful friendship is what brought most people to that store. Thank you for being you! You'll definitely be missed!