Thursday, February 4, 2016

Things I Do and Don't Miss About Starbucks

It has now been one week since I worked my last shift at Starbucks. As I begin to adjust to life "after," here's a list of things I do and don't miss.

Things I Miss
+tracking the mid-night sky--the moon cycles and constellations--as I drove to work
+watching through the cafe windows as the sun painted the sky pink
+feeling productive before most people were starting their work days
+interacting with customers
+laughing with coworkers
+sipping a $6 drink that didn't cost me a penny
+giving away my weekly free pound of coffee to others

Things I Don't Miss
+getting up at 3:45am
+smelling like coffee--my clothes, my skin, my hair, my purse, my car
+struggling to stay awake between 3 and 6pm so that I didn't disrupt my sleep cycle

I'm thankful to report that freelance work from existing clients has come to my inbox unsolicited this week. It has helped me embrace the new reality. I'm off to Chicago next week to investigate a new opportunity that has been percolating (pun intended!) for over a year.