Monday, February 29, 2016

Toilet Paper Shares the Love of Jesus

I love how often God shows us that He isn't limited to words--or our best laid plans--to get His message delivered to those who need to hear it. This is the story of how God used a roll of toilet paper in a ziploc bag to share His love.

When Molly Scott of Cumming, GA, began facilitating a women’s small group from Browns Bridge Church in August 2014, she knew that one of the suggested activities for building community was finding a way to serve together. After discussing various opportunities, the group determined they wanted to help seniors. So Molly went to the county’s senior services department. There she met Jim Yarbrough, who oversees volunteer efforts.
Jim mentioned during their conversation that of the 200 seniors in the county who qualify for Meals on Wheels, 40 of them were categorized as high risk. Molly remembers Jim’s heartfelt concern as he said, “I don’t know how they make it each month. Many of them are homebound.” As their conversation concluded, he said, “Those people sure could use your support.”
I'm guest blogging at onQ today. Click on the link to read the rest of the story...

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