Tuesday, April 12, 2016

Transform Your Broken Crazy by Looking for Lovely

Ever have a conversation with a friend and find yourself saying, "Me, too!"? This book felt like I was having that conversation with someone I didn't really know, but felt like I did. After reading Looking for Lovely, I'd like to find Annie, give her a hug, and do life together, and I'm pretty sure you will too.

Annie's honest, transparent look at a hard season of her life--which she calls the "broken crazy" (I can relate)--gave me the courage to do more than just say, "Me, too."

Looking for Lovely gave me ways to look for what's lovely in the midst of my struggles, and showed me that in those beautiful moments I would find hope. Annie's theory is that beauty discovered in the midst of hard ignites hope, making it possible to persevere to the other side instead of quitting.

Who doesn't want to persevere and not quit? I know I do--more so now that I've seen how "lovely" can be one of the gifts of a difficult process. 

Don't miss this book. It'll change how you view your "broken crazy" for good.

Have you read Looking for Lovely? I'd love to hear your thoughts about it! If not, you can find it here:  lookingforlovelybook.com

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  1. I will definitely enjoy this book! In graduate school, we once had to take a class that we'd all had as undergrads. We felt like it was merely going to be repetitious. But one of the most intellectually bright students said to him learning wasn't about always discovering something new, but sometimes its about remembering what we already know. I love getting that feeling of "me too!"